Slice Tab

On the Slice tab, you can slice audio loops and automatically map the slices to instrument pads. During this process, a MIDI track is created and is associated with the first empty pattern pad.

After slicing a loop, you can play back the entire loop via the pattern pad or trigger individual slices with the instrument pads.


The toolbar contains several tools that are also available on the Sample tab. In addition, the following tools are available:

Play Slice

Activate Play Slice to play back slices when clicking on them.

Lock Slices

Activate Lock Slices to prevent slice markers from being moved. Locked slices are shown with red markers.

Jump to Previous/Next Slice

Click the arrow buttons buttons to jump to the next/previous slice.


Displays the tempo of the loop, as read from the sample file or calculated from the sample length.

You can adjust this value manually.


Shows the length of the sample found by the automatic tempo detection, in bars and beats. You can adjust this value manually, which has an effect on the grid and the tempo.

Parameter Section

Create/Remove Slices

Click this button to create slices for the selected loop. If slices exist, click this button to remove them.

Slice Detection Mode

The slice detection automatically sets slice markers in the sample waveform. The following modes for slice detection are available:

  • Transient mode allows you to specify the minimum peak level that a transient needs to become a slice marker.

  • Grid mode sets the slice markers according to a beat grid.

    You can combine the Transient and Grid modes to detect slices that match both conditions.

  • In Manual mode, no automatic slice detection is performed. Instead, you can add and remove slices manually by Alt/Opt-clicking in the waveform.


Determines the minimum level that a transient must have to be detected as the start of a new slice.

Min Length

Determines the minimum length of a slice. Use this to avoid creating unwanted short slices.

Grid Catch

In Transient+Grid mode, you can use this control to specify how close to the grid a transient marker must be.

Fade In/Out

Sets the length of the fade in and the fade out for all slices of the loop.

MIDI Export Field

You can export the MIDI phrase by dragging the MIDI export field on a MIDI track in your host application.