Mapping Samples Chromatically over Multiple Pads

The Key Range settings on the Pitch tab allow you to map samples chromatically over multiple pads.


If Edit Selected Sample or Pad (SEL) is activated, you adjust the key range for each sample individually.


  1. Set up the range with the Low Key and High Key value fields.

    When you adjust the key range for chromatically mapped samples, the pads within the key range inherit the name of the pad to which the original sample is assigned. The name is only set if the corresponding pad does not have a name. The offset in semitones from the original pad is added as suffix to the name. This helps you to find the original pad more easily.

  2. Optional: Set up the Fixed Pitch parameter.
    • If Fixed Pitch is activated, the sample is played with its original pitch on all the pads in the key range.

    • If Fixed Pitch is deactivated, the sample is played chromatically within the key range.


The samples are mapped to the pads. An icon with two notes indicates which pads play a chromatically mapped sample.

After Completing This Task

The context menu of pads that contain chromatically mapped samples offers the Chromatically Mapped from function, allowing you to locate the original pad for the mapped samples. The original pad itself does not contain this function.