Assigning Samples to Pads

You can assign samples to pads by using drag and drop, replace existing samples using the mapping view context menu, or add samples to pads using the Browser.

You can drag one or more samples from the File Explorer/macOS Finder and from your host application onto Groove Agent. Samples can be mapped to the same pad, or to different pads.

  • To assign a sample to a pad, drag it onto the pad.

You can drag files from the following locations of the host application:

  • MediaBay

  • Project window

  • Pool

  • Sample Editor (regions)

  • Audio Part Editor

  • LoopMash slices

When you drag one or more samples onto a pad, the drop icons are shown. These determine whether the samples are added to the pad, whether the current sample is replaced with the one you are dragging, or whether the samples that you drag are assigned to multiple consecutive pads.

  • Drag samples to the topmost drop icon to add them to the pad.

    You can assign up to 32 samples to a pad.

  • Drag one or more samples to the middle drop icon to replace the currently assigned samples with the ones that you are dragging.

  • Drag several samples to the lowest drop icon to assign them to several consecutive pads in one or in several groups.

    A yellow border is shown around the pads that receive one of the samples.


    How many samples can be dropped to several pads depends on the number of available pads.

    If Groove Agent cannot supply a sufficient number of free pads for the number of dropped samples, a dialog is displayed, allowing you to proceed or cancel the operation. If pads already contained samples, these are replaced.