Editing Envelopes

Beat Agent features pitch, filter, and amplifier envelopes. These envelopes are available on the Pitch, Filter, and Amp tabs.

Each of these multisegment envelopes has up to 128 nodes, for which Time, Level, and Curve parameters are available. The nodes and their parameters specify the shape of the envelope. You can edit one or multiple nodes by dragging them in the graphical envelope editor or by entering values manually. When editing an envelope node, a value tooltip displays the current settings of the node.


If Snap is activated and you change the position of nodes, they snap to the nodes of the guide envelope that is shown in the background.


Pitch envelope nodes also snap to semitone positions.

Guide Envelope

On this pop-up menu, you can select a second envelope to be displayed in the background of the edited envelope.

  • If Snap is activated, moved nodes snap to the guide envelope.

  • If Fixed is activated and you move selected nodes on the time axis, only the selected nodes are moved.

  • If Fixed is deactivated, all nodes that follow the edited nodes are also moved.

Show Channel Sum/Show Left Channel/Show Right Channel

With these buttons, you can show the sample waveform in the background of the envelope display. Any editing you perform on the envelopes is automatically reflected in the waveform.

  • Show Channel Sum shows the mono sum of the sample in the display.

  • Show Left Channel shows the left channel of the sample.

  • Show Right Channel shows the right channel of the sample.