Changing the Order of Pads

By default, instrument pads are sorted chromatically, based on the standard mapping. However, in some cases, you may want to display pads from other groups within a particular group. Therefore, you can exchange the position of pads.

For example, often a second bass drum is mapped to B0, which can be found in pad group 2. Most of the other common drum kit instruments are, however, located in group 3. If you want to see the second bass drum together with the other instruments of group 3, exchange the B0 pad with an unused pad in group 3.

  • To exchange two pads, hold down Shift and drag one pad onto another pad.

    This exchanges the entire contents of the pads with all their settings.

  • To see whether the order of the pads differs from the standard sorting, you can either check the trigger notes of the pads to see whether they are mapped chromatically or not, or you can click the Info button to see the pad index of all pads.

  • To reset the order of all pads to a chromatic order, open the context menu for a pad and select Reset Pad Order.