Specifying the stem direction/voice of instruments in percussion kits

You can specify the stem direction for each instrument in individual percussion kits. You can also set which voice they are in, allowing you to control which instruments share voices in percussion kits.


  1. In Setup mode, in the Players panel, expand the card of the player holding the kit whose instrument stem directions and voices you want to specify.
  2. In the kit instrument label, click the instrument menu and choose Edit Percussion Kit to open the Edit Percussion Kit dialog.
  3. In the dialog, select an instrument whose stem direction and voice you want to specify.
  4. Choose one of the following stem directions for Stem direction and voice:
    • Up-stem

    • Down-stem

  5. Specify a voice by changing the value for Stem direction and voice.

    You do not have to change the voice number if you are switching between up- and down-stem voices as the number corresponds to the voice number for each stem direction.

  6. Click Apply, then Close.


The default stem direction and voice of the selected instrument is changed.