Inputting ties

Dorico Pro automatically creates ties as required for note durations in each meter. However, you can input ties manually to join two notes of the same pitch, both during note input and by joining two existing notes with a tie.

For example, if you want to input a tie between two quarter notes across a barline, you can input a half note at the rhythmic position where you want to input the first quarter note. Dorico Pro automatically splits the half note into two quarter notes, one on each side of the barline, and joins them with a tie.


These steps do not apply to inputting ties between non-adjacent notes or notes in different voices, for example, between two notes of the same pitch on different staves, or between a grace note and a normal note.


If you want to preserve the durations of existing notes, you have forced their duration. For example, if you want to specify subdivisions within a tie chain that are different than the prevailing meter.


  1. In Write mode, do one of the following:
    • Start note input.

    • Select the note from which you want the tie to start.

  2. Optional: During note input, input the note that you want at the start of the tie.
  3. Press T to input ties.
  4. Optional: During note input, input the note that you want at the end of the tie.

    The second note must be the same pitch as the first note.


During note input, the two notes input are joined by a tie.

When inputting ties between existing notes, the selected note is joined by a tie to the next note of the same pitch in the same voice and staff.

  • During note input, Dorico Pro ties the first note you input after inputting the tie to the previous note of the same pitch in the same voice and staff, even if there are other notes of other pitches between them.

  • Depending on the current time signature, the position of the start of the note in the bar, and your settings on the Note Grouping page in Write > Notation Options, inputting a tie between two notes can instead create a single note of a different duration, such as a half note instead of two tied quarter notes. You can override your note grouping settings and fix your notated rhythm by forcing their duration. Dorico Pro then notates your input notes with the rhythmic durations specified, as long as they can fit inside the bar.