Inputting rests

Dorico Pro automatically shows rests as appropriate in the gaps between the notes you input. However, you can also input rests manually, for example, to show fermatas on specific beats for players without notes in that bar.


  1. Select an item on the staff and at the rhythmic position where you want to input rests.
  2. Press Shift-N to start note input.
  3. Optional: If you want to input rests onto multiple staves at once, extend the caret to those staves.
  4. Press , (comma) to start rest input.
  5. Select the duration you want.
  6. Press O to activate Force Duration.
  7. Input rests in any of the following ways:
    • Press Y or any of the letters from A to G.

    • Play notes on a MIDI keyboard.

  8. Optional: Press , (comma) again to stop rest input.
  9. Press Esc or Return to stop note input.


Rests of the selected duration are input. If Force Duration is not activated, Dorico Pro automatically combines adjacent rests as appropriate for their position in relation to notes and according to the current meter.