Changing the angle of slurs

You can change the angle or rotation of individual slurs without affecting their overall shape.

This is useful, for example, if you want one end of a slur to start higher after a system break than its default position, as you can change the rotation of the slur while keeping all slur handles on the slur in the same positions relative to each other.


  1. In Engrave mode, select an endpoint on the slurs whose angle you want to change.
    • You can select individual handles on multiple slurs by holding down Ctrl/Cmd and clicking.

    • You can show handles on all items, not just selected items, by choosing Engrave > Show Handles > Always. This can make it easier to select individual handles on multiple items.

  2. Alt/Opt-click and drag the endpoints in any direction.

    You cannot use the keyboard to change the angles of individual slurs.


The angle or rotation of the selected slurs is changed without affecting their shape.


Figure 1. Endpoint moved without holding Alt/Opt
Figure 2. Endpoint moved while holding Alt/Opt