Project window in Engrave mode

The project window in Engrave mode contains the default toolbar, the music area, and the status bar. It provides panels with all the tools and functions that allow you to format the pages, systems, and properties of individual notations in your score.

You can switch to Engrave mode in any of the following ways:

  • Press Ctrl/Cmd-3.

  • Click Engrave in the toolbar.

  • Choose Window > Engrave.

Figure 1. Toolbox and panels in Engrave mode

The project window in Engrave mode contains the following:

  1. Engrave toolbox

    Contains options that allow you to determine which formatting options are shown in the Formatting panel, and to activate Note Spacing and Staff Spacing.

  2. Formatting panel

    Contains formatting options that allow you to control how music is arranged into systems and frames, to insert frames, and edit frame constraints. Your current selection in the Engrave toolbox determines which formatting options are shown, and the panel is hidden automatically when either Note Spacing or Staff Spacing are activated.

  3. Pages panel

    Allows you to specify how the notation is formatted on pages. The way this is done is based on the typical techniques used in desktop publishing programs.

  4. Properties panel

    Contains quick access properties that allow you to make specific modifications to individual parts of notes and notations.