Activating the caret

When the caret is activated, you can input notes and notations at the caret position, for example, if you want to input a dynamic in the middle of a tie chain. When the caret is deactivated, you cannot input notes, instead you can select and edit items in the music area.


Activate the caret in any of the following ways:
  • Select an item and press Shift-N or Return.

  • Double-click the rhythmic position on the staff where you want to begin inputting notes.

After Completing This Task

You can deactivate the caret at any time by pressing Shift-N, Return, or Esc. If you have deactivated mouse input, you can click another item in the music area to deactivate the caret.

Switching to another mode also deactivates the caret, as the caret can only be activated in Write mode.