Changing player names

You can change the player names of players, and reset renamed players to their default name.


Player names are not used for staff labels in the score or for naming layouts, instead they are for your own reference in Setup mode.

Staff labels use the name set for each instrument in the Edit Instrument Names dialog.


  1. In the Players panel, select the card of the player whose player name you want to change.
  2. Open the player name text field in any of the following ways:
    • Double-click anywhere in the player card.

    • Right-click in the player card and choose Rename from the context menu.

  3. Enter a new name, or click Reset to Default to revert the name to the default name.
  4. Press Return.


The player name of the selected player is changed.


This does not change the staff label that appears in the score. You can change the name used for staff labels in the Edit Instrument Names dialog, and change the layout name for the names at the top of parts.