Changing the tempo in the Time track

You can change the tempo of individual tempo changes in the Time track.


  • The Time track is shown.

  • Object Selection is selected in the Play toolbox.


  1. In the Time track, select the tempo changes whose tempo you want to change in one of the following ways:
    • Click a single tempo change

    • Make a marquee selection around multiple tempo changes

  2. Ctrl/Cmd-click and drag the selected tempo change, or one of the selected tempo changes, upwards/downwards.

    A tempo read-out appears beside the mouse pointer, providing visual feedback of the tempo.

    • If you want to change the tempo by smaller increments, you can press Alt when dragging.

    • You can also simply click and drag them upwards/downwards but this does not prevent the selected tempo changes from moving to the right/left, which affects their rhythmic positions.


The tempo of the selected tempo changes is changed. This affects the speed of playback and the displayed metronome mark of any tempo changes also shown in layouts.