Project window in Play mode

The project window in Play mode contains the default toolbar and the event display, and also a toolbox and panels that contain all the tools and functions that allow you to set up your project for playback.

You can switch to Play mode in any of the following ways:

  • Press Ctrl/Cmd-4.

  • Click Play in the toolbar.

  • Choose Window > Play.

Figure: Project window in Play mode


There is no Properties panel in Play mode.

The project window in Play mode comprises the following:

  1. Play toolbox

    Contains tools that allow you to select and edit note events in the event display.

  2. Event display

    Allows you to view, input, and edit the playback of each flow in your project, including changing the played duration of notes and the tempo at any rhythmic position.

  3. VST and MIDI Instruments panel

    Allows you to load new VST and MIDI instruments. You can also select existing VST and MIDI instruments and edit their settings.