Playback templates

Dorico Pro uses playback templates to allocate sounds from VST instruments and MIDI devices to the instruments in your project.

  • You can find the available playback templates by choosing Play > Playback Template, which opens the Playback Template dialog.

Figure: Playback Template dialog

Dorico Pro offers the following playback templates:

  • HSSE (Elements)

    Intended for use with HALion Sonic SE.

  • HSSE+HSO (Pro)

    Intended for use with both HALion Sonic SE and HALion Symphonic Orchestra.

  • Silence

    Prevents Dorico Pro from loading sounds.


    Choosing the Silence template makes Dorico Pro project files significantly smaller, for example, when sending them electronically.

When you use any of these playback templates, Dorico Pro automatically loads new sounds for any new instruments you add to the project.

You can override the template and make your own manual changes to the sounds used by instruments in your project, such as by changing the expression maps assigned to endpoints. Overriding the playback template prevents Dorico Pro from making further changes to these settings. This includes preventing Dorico Pro from automatically loading new sounds for new instruments until you reapply one of the default playback templates.