Pedal lines in playback

Pedal lines are automatically played back in Dorico Pro.

The three piano pedals send MIDI controllers as follows:

  • Sustain pedal lines send MIDI controller 64 (Sustain).

  • Sostenuto pedal lines send MIDI controller 66 (Sostenuto).

  • Una corda pedal lines send MIDI controller 67 (Soft Pedal).

Some piano VST instruments, such as Pianoteq and Garritan CFX Concert Grand, support partial depression of the sustain pedal. Consult the manufacturer’s documentation for more information.

Playback Options

You can find options for how Dorico Pro plays back pedaling on the Pedal Lines page in Play > Playback Options.

You can control the following parameters of pedal line playback:

  • The length of the initial pedal depression

  • The length of a retake in the middle of a pedal line

  • The length of the final pedal release

  • Whether initial depressions and retakes are played before or after the onset of the notes or chords at their rhythmic positions