Positions of ornaments

Ornaments, including trills, are placed above the notes to which they apply. They are only placed below the staff when there are multiple voices on the staff.

Ornaments and trills are positioned outside of slurs by default. Similarly, they are positioned further from noteheads than articulations.

The center of ornaments aligns with the center of the notehead to which they apply. Trills are aligned differently, as the left side of trill marks aligns with the left edge of the notehead to which the trill applies.

Dorico Pro automatically positions ornaments correctly according to their type, and attaches them to their notehead.

You can move ornaments to different rhythmic positions in Write mode. They are positioned by default according to your settings in Engraving Options.

You can move ornaments graphically in Engrave mode, but this does not change the rhythmic positions to which they are attached.

You can change the default positions of all ornaments and trills project-wide on the Ornaments page in Engrave > Engraving Options.