Opening a new tab

You can open a new tab to display a different view or layout within the same project window.

Each tab can contain a separate layout or a different view of a layout already open in another tab or window. Whenever you open a new tab, you are prompted to select a layout that you want to display in the tab.

You can find tabs in the tab bar, located at the top of the music area, below the toolbar. If you do not see any tabs, click Show Tabs in the toolbar.


To open a new tab, do one of the following:
  • Press Ctrl/Cmd-T.

  • At the right end of the tab bar, click New Tab.

  • Choose Window > New Tab.


A new tab opens that shows several icons at the top and a list of layouts at the bottom.

Figure: Options available in the music area when you open a new tab

After Completing This Task

You can click one of the icons or select a layout from the list at the bottom. Alternatively, you can select a layout from the layout selector in the toolbar. The layout that you choose opens in the active tab.