Inputting your first chord

In this section, you learn how to input a chord with the computer keyboard, using chord mode. If you want to use a MIDI keyboard instead, you can input the chord with your keyboard, and you do not need to use chord mode. Dorico Pro automatically inputs the correct notes.


Select the last note or rest on the staff, and press Return. This shows the caret.


  1. Start chord input in any of the following ways:
    • Press Q.

    • In the Notes toolbox, click Chords.

    The caret shows a plus sign at the top.

  2. Optional: In the Notes panel, select a duration.
  3. Input the notes that you want in your chord by pressing keys from A to G, one after the other. For example, for a C major chord, press C, E, and G.

    By default, Dorico Pro adds each new note above the previous note. You can select the register of notes manually.

    The example shows a possible result.

  4. Press Space to advance the caret to the next note position and continue with the next chord.

    Dorico Pro expects further chord input until you deactivate it.

  5. Optional: To stop chord input, press Q or click Chords again in the Notes toolbox.