Copying property settings to other layouts

Many properties are layout-specific, meaning they only affect the layout currently open in the music area by default. You can copy the properties set on notes and items to all other layouts in which they appear, for example, to show gradual dynamics with the same style in part layouts after changing their style in the full score layout.


  1. Select the notes or items whose properties you want to copy to other layouts. You can do this in Write mode and Engrave mode.

    The mode you are in determines which properties are copied. For example, if you are in Write mode, only properties available in Write mode are copied.

  2. Choose Edit > Propagate Properties.


All properties set on the selected notes/items that are available in the current mode are copied to all layouts in which those notes/items appear. For example, if you selected slurs in Write mode, their staff-relative placement and design settings are copied. If you selected them in Engrave mode, their slur end and control point positions are also copied.