Key Editor panel

The Key Editor panel allows you to view and edit notes belonging to the selected instrument in a continuous piano roll. It is located in the lower zone at the bottom of the window in Write mode.

In the Key Editor panel, notes are positioned vertically according to their pitch, as indicated by a piano keyboard on the left. Notes are positioned horizontally according to their rhythm and duration.

The slider allows you to change the zoom manually, such as making notes wider and/or taller. You can click the buttons at each end to switch between horizontal and vertical zoom.

You can hide/show the Key Editor panel in Write mode and Play mode in any of the following ways:

  • Press Cmd-8.

  • In the toolbox on the left, click Show Lower Zone Show Lower Zone button, then choose Key Editor Key Editor button in the lower zone.

Key Editor panel showing a guitar phrase

The Key Editor panel toolbar contains the following options:

Object Selection
Object Selection button

Allows you to select events, such as notes in the piano roll and velocity bars.

Marquee Tool
Marquee Tool button

Allows you to drag a rectangle to select multiple notes.

Draw button

Allows you to input and edit notes in the piano roll editor and drum editor. You can click and drag in the piano roll editor to input notes with the durations you want. The ends of the notes you draw snap to rhythmic positions according to the current rhythmic grid resolution.

Also allows you to edit velocity bars.

Line button

Allows you to draw straight lines across velocity bars to edit the values of all velocity bars in the range. Only available when the velocity lane is expanded.

Transform button

Allows you to marquee select and edit a range of velocity bars. Only available when the velocity lane is expanded.

Erase button

Deletes the selected notes.

Played Durations
Played Durations button

Allows you to change when notes start/end in playback without affecting their notated durations. Displays the played durations of notes as a lighter event, above a thinner line that shows their notated duration.

Notated Durations
Notated Durations button

Allows you to change the rhythmic duration of notes, which affects the position and notation of those notes. Displays the full, notated durations of notes as single events.

Rhythmic Grid
Rhythmic Grid button

Allows you to change the rhythmic grid resolution for the key editor, which affects the duration of notes you input in the key editor, the number of grid lines, and certain aspects of inputting and editing, such as the amount by which notes move. The button updates to show the current rhythmic grid resolution.

Link button

Automatically fits notes in the selected voice into the piano roll, with a highlighted region showing the boundaries of the corresponding system.

Voice selector
Voice selector

Allows you to select the voice whose notes you want to appear highlighted in the piano roll and into which you want to input notes. Automatically updates according to your current selection.

Only available when Link Link button is deactivated.

Resize Lower Zone
Resize Lower Zone button

Allows you to change the height of the lower zone.