Inputting notes in Insert mode

In Insert mode, you can input notes before existing notes in a single voice without overriding them. This allows you to push existing notes ahead at the same time as inputting new notes at their previous positions.

  • These steps describe inputting notes with the default preference of duration before pitch. However, you can also specify the pitch before duration instead.

  • You can only input chords in Insert mode when using a MIDI keyboard.


  1. In Write mode, start note input.
  2. Optional: Press V to select the voice into which you want to insert notes.
  3. Activate Insert mode in any of the following ways:
    • Press I.

    • In the Notes toolbox, click Insert .

    In Insert mode, the caret shows V and inverted V shapes at the top and bottom.

  4. Input the notes you want.
  5. Optional: Press I or click Insert again to deactivate Insert mode and return to normal note input.
  6. Stop note input in any of the following ways:
    • Press Esc or Return.

    • In the Notes toolbox, click Start Note Input Start Note Input button.


Notes are inserted before existing notes in the voice indicated by the caret indicator, without overwriting any existing notes in the same voice at rhythmic positions after the caret. They are input at the caret position or where you click. Any existing notes in the same voice after the caret are pushed ahead to subsequent rhythmic positions.