System track

The system track is a translucent line above the top of each system in Write mode. It allows you to add and delete bars and beats, and to select everything on all staves in the system.

Figure 1. The system track above a staff, showing bars
Figure 2. The system track with a region selected

When you have selected a region in the system track, it appears highlighted and the following options are available:

  1. Delete

    Allows you to delete the selected region.

  2. System Track Select

    Allows you to select all items, including system objects, on all staves in the system across the selected region.

  3. Add

    Allows you to add bars or beats of the same duration as the selection in the system track. The extra time is inserted immediately after the end of the selection.


Selections on the system track are cleared whenever you make any other kind of selection, or when you switch layouts. However, selections on the system track are retained when switching between page and galley view.

Video tutorial about the system track (English)