The toolbar allows you to access modes, other layouts, main transport options, and the application menu. It is located at the top of the project window and is available in all modes.

The toolbar contains the following:

  1. Return to Hub

    Return to Hub button

    Closes the current project and returns to the Hub.

  2. Modes

    Selectable workspaces in the project window that represent different phases in the workflow of preparing a score. Can appear as buttons or a menu, depending on the available space.

  3. Layout selector

    Allows you to select a different layout to open in the music area.

  4. Project title

    Displays the title of the current project. Clicking the project name opens the Project Info dialog.

  5. Mini transport

    Allows you quick access to the main transport functions, including Play, Record, and Click.

  6. Undo

    Undo button

    Allows you to undo previous actions.

  7. Redo

    Redo button

    Allows you to restore previous actions that were undone using Undo.

  8. Share

    Share button

    Allows you to print and export the current project in a variety of formats.

  9. Application Menu

    Application Menu button

    Allows you to access Read view, options dialogs, documentation, and to sign in and subscribe.