Zones and panels

Zones on the left, right, and lower edges of the project window contain panels that provide the notes, notations, and functions that you need to set up, write, edit, and format your music. Different panels are available in each zone according to the mode.

Zones in Write mode
  1. Left zone. In Write mode, this contains the Notes panel.

  2. Right zone. In Write mode, this can display different panels, according to the current selection in the Notations toolbox.

  3. Lower zone. In Write mode, this can display different panels, including the Properties panel and Mixer.

The zones contain different panels in each mode in Dorico for iPad.

Table 1. Modes and their panels


Left Zone

Right Zone

Lower Zone


Players panel

Layouts panel

Flows panel


Notes panel

Notations panels

Properties, Keyboard, Fretboard, Drumpads, Mixer, and Key editor panels


Formatting panel


Properties and Mixer panels


Track Inspector


Keyboard, Fretboard, Drumpads, Mixer, Key editor, and Track inspector panels

You can hide/show zones individually. In Dorico for iPad, you can show either the right and/or left zones simultaneously, or the lower zone on its own.