Building and saving custom ensembles

You can build custom ensembles in the ensemble picker and save them for reuse in future projects, for example, if you frequently write music for an ensemble with unusual instrumentation.


  1. Open the ensemble picker in any of the following ways:
    • In the Players panel, click Add Ensemble Add Ensemble button.

    • In an empty project, click Add Ensemble Add Ensemble button in the project start area.

  2. Click Build to switch to the Build tab.
  3. Enter the instruments you want into the Search field, separated by commas.

    For example, enter vln,cl,bsn,tuba,marim to build an ensemble containing a violin, clarinet, bassoon, tuba, and marimba.

  4. Optional: To change the player type, double-click players in the list.

    The icons for each player show whether they are single players or section players .

  5. Click Save to open the Save Custom Ensemble dialog.
  6. Select an ensemble category from the Category menu.
  7. Enter a name for your ensemble in the Name field.
  8. Click Save to save your ensemble and close the Save Custom Ensemble dialog.
  9. Optional: Click Add to add the ensemble to the project and close the ensemble picker.


Your ensemble is saved, allowing you to add it to future projects. If you clicked Add in the ensemble picker, the players in the ensemble are added to the project.