Adding slash voices to percussion kits

You can add slash voices to percussion kits, for example, to show the desired rhythm for a passage without specifying the instruments to be played. You can add multiple slash voices to the same kit, including slash voices with and without stems.


Rhythm slashes in percussion kits only appear when the five-line staff presentation is used. They do not appear in grid or single-line instrument presentations.


  1. In the Players panel in Setup mode, expand the card of the player holding the percussion kit to which you want to add slash voices.
  2. In the kit instrument label, click the instrument label and choose Edit Percussion Kit to open the Edit Percussion Kit dialog.
  3. In the action bar below the five-line staff editor, click the button that corresponds to the type of slash voice you want to add.
    • Slashes with stems Slashes with stems button

    • Slashes without stems Slashes without stems button


The corresponding type of slash voice is added to the kit. It is positioned on the middle line of the staff by default.

During note input, you can move the caret to slash voices just like moving it to other instruments in the kit, and input notes into slash voices just like inputting notes in percussion kit instruments.

After Completing This Task

You can change the staff position of slash voices in the kit.