Types of lyrics

Lyrics are divided into different lyric types in Dorico for iPad.

Lyric lines

Lyric lines contain normal lyrics and can be shown with verse numbers. They can be both below and above the staff.

Chorus lines

Chorus lines contain lyrics in an italic font and are placed between lyric lines. For example, if there are two lyric lines, the chorus line appears between Line 1 and Line 2.

Chorus lines do not have verse numbers.

Lyric line translations

Lyric line translations show the text in lyric lines or chorus lines in different languages. They are placed directly below the lyric line or chorus line of which they are a translation. They are shown in an italic font.

Each lyric line can have its own lyric line translation, including chorus lines.

Lyric line translations do not have verse numbers, as they are part of the line of which they are a translation.

You can input all types of lyrics using the lyrics popover. The icon shown on the left-hand side of the popover indicates the type of lyric currently being input.