Changing the accidental duration rule

You can change the accidental duration rule in each flow independently, for example, if the Modernist accidental duration rule is appropriate for certain flows in your project but common practice is appropriate for others. In Dorico for iPad, common practice is the default accidental duration rule.


  1. Open Notation Options in any of the following ways:
    • Press Cmd-Shift-N.

    • In the toolbar, click Application Menu Application Menu button and choose Notation Options.

  2. In the Flows list, select the flows in which you want to change the accidental duration rule.

    By default, only the current flow is selected when you open the dialog. You can select other flows by clicking Select All in the action bar or by clicking and dragging across multiple flows.

  3. Click Accidentals in the category list.
  4. In the Basic section, choose one of the following options for Accidental duration rule:
    • Common Practice

    • Second Viennese School

    • Modernist

  5. Optional: Customize the options for your chosen accidental duration rule.

    Options in the Basic section can apply to all accidental duration rules.

  6. Click Apply, then Close.