Adding indications for left/right hands

To clarify which hand should play notes when they are notated on the same staff, the original edition has “l.H.” and “r.H.” indications, for “left hand” and “right hand” respectively, above and below the staff.


  1. In bar 30, select the B on beat 2 on the top staff.
  2. Press Shift-X to add staff text and open the text editor.
    • You can also add staff text by clicking Text Text button in the Notations toolbox in the Notations toolbox. To open the text editor for an existing text object, select it and press Return.

    Staff text added and text editor open

  3. Enter l.H..
  4. Select the “l.H.” text in the text editor then select the Italic font style from the editor options.

    Font style menu options

  5. Press Esc or Ctrl/Cmd-Return to close the text editor.
  6. Select the “l.H.” text and press F to flip it below the staff.

    Text flipped below the staff

  7. Repeat steps 1 to 5 for the “r.H.” indication, but in step 1, select the C on beat 3.

    "r.H." text added

  8. Ctrl/Cmd-click both text objects, then Alt/Opt-click the staff on beat 2 in bar 31 to copy them at that position.

    "l.H." and "r.H." text repeated in bar 31


You have added text objects that indicate the left and right hands, formatted the text as italics, and flipped the “l.H.” indication below the staff.