Changing the poco rit. final tempo

The poco rit. in bars 42-43 sounds like it needs a little more time. To achieve that, you can reduce its final tempo.


  1. If you hid the Time track, choose Play > Tracks > Time Track to show it.
  2. Click the arrow in the Time track header to expand the track.

    Time track in Play mode with disclosure arrow highlighted

  3. If Object Selection is not selected, press S to select it.
  4. At the start of bar 43, click and drag the rit. end handle downwards until the readout displays 40.

    rit. final tempo reduced


The final tempo of the poco rit. is changed.


You can also change the final tempo of gradual tempo changes in Write mode by using the Final tempo % property in the Tempo group of the Properties panel. When you change the final tempo of gradual tempo changes in the Time track, Dorico calculates the corresponding percentage change.

After Completing This Task

Click in the ruler at the top of the event display anywhere in bar 41 to move the playhead there, then press Space or Enter to start playback and hear the effect this has on the tempo.