Playing back the piece

With piano sounds loaded, you can now listen to the whole piece played back. You can do this in any mode.


  • Press Shift-Alt/Opt-Space to start playback from the beginning.
    • If the playhead was not already at the beginning of the flow, it jumps there and moves along with the playback.

    • You can also start playback from the current position of the playhead by pressing Space or Enter, or from a selected item by pressing P. Selecting multiple different items on specific staves and pressing P only plays back those staves.


Playback starts from the beginning of the flow and stops at the end, allowing you to listen to the whole piece. If you had other flows in the project, playback would continue to the next flow after a short gap between them.


If you have problems hearing sounds, check this troubleshooting video. Windows users: in order to watch the video, make sure your audio output device settings allow sounds from other applications; alternatively, quit Dorico before watching the video.

After Completing This Task

If you want to change the overall tempo, switch back to Write mode (press Ctrl/Cmd-2), select the Grazioso tempo mark at the start, and change the value for Tempo (bpm) in the Tempo group of the Properties panel.