Applying a playback template

Dorico uses playback templates to load all the required sounds for the instruments in your project. If you have installed the sounds provided with your Dorico version, you can apply the corresponding playback template.


  • You are in Play mode (press Ctrl/Cmd-4).

  • You have downloaded and installed the sounds provided with your Dorico version. You do not have to install them to run Dorico, but because they come with playback templates and expression maps set up, they are often the simplest way to hear your music played back.


  1. Choose Play > Playback Template to open the Apply Playback Template dialog.

    Apply Playback Template dialog

  2. Select the playback template for your product version.
    • If you have Dorico Pro, select HSSE+HSO (Pro).

    • If you have Dorico Elements, select HSSE (Elements).

    • If you have Dorico SE, select HSSE (SE).

  3. Click Apply and Close.


The selected playback template is applied to the project. If it was already applied, it is re-applied, resetting the playback template back to its defaults.

In the VST and MIDI Instruments panel on the right of the window, a plug-in instance is loaded with sounds for the piano.

VST Instruments section of the VST and MIDI Instruments panel

If you want to open the VST instrument window, click Edit Instrument Edit Instrument button.