Playing back music

The next step in the process is listening to how the music sounds in playback and making changes if required. There are many different ways you can adjust how your music sounds in playback; the following tasks cover a few simple adjustments.

Although you can start and stop playback in any mode, most playback-related work happens in Play mode.

In Play mode, the area in the middle of the project window that was previously the music area, showing staves on pages, becomes the event display with music appearing in tracks and notes represented on piano rolls. At the top of the event display, there is a ruler showing bar numbers and beat divisions according to the current rhythmic grid resolution, which you can change using the rhythmic grid selector Rhythmic grid selector in the status bar in the status bar at the bottom of the window.

The playhead (the green vertical line) is always visible in Play mode, not only during playback.

The playhead in Play mode


The flow menu in the top left of the event display uses flow names set in the Flows panel in Setup mode, not the flow title set in Project Info.