Adding tremolos

In bars 8 and 12 in the verse, the vocal part stops early in the bar. To fill in the space a little, you can add tremolos to the drum set part.


  1. In bar 8, select the quarter notes (crotchets) on the drum set staff.

    Hi-hat quarter notes selected

  2. Press Shift-R to open the repeats popover.
  3. Enter /// into the popover.

    Repeats popover above the staff with an entry for three-stroke single-note tremolos

  4. Press Return to close the popover.


Three stroke single-stem tremolos are input on the selected notes.

Tremolos input in bar 8


You can also add tremolos using the Repeat Structures panel on the right of the window, which you can show by clicking Repeat Structures Repeat Structures button in the Notations toolbox in the Notations toolbox. Tremolos are included in the Repeat Structures panel because they indicate that notes should be repeated within the given duration.