Further notations

Congratulations! You have completed the Dora Pejačević “Walzer-Capricen No. 2” piano piece project. We hope you enjoyed the process and learned useful Dorico operations along the way.

In the following tasks, you will build on the inputting techniques you’ve already learned and extend them to other common notations, including lyrics, chord symbols, and rhythm slashes. You will also input notes for a drum set, show chord symbols above specific staves, enable swing playback for only one player, and remove a player from the full score but keep them in the project.

The song used in these tasks is Gertrude “Ma” Rainey’s “See See Rider Blues”. A PDF of the excerpt used in these tasks is available on steinberg.help, along with a Dorico project set up as a starting point for the following tasks.


As the project contains more than two players, it opens in read-only mode in Dorico SE. Dorico SE users must instead set up separate Dorico projects, each with up to two players, for these tasks.