Inputting horizontal lines

You can input horizontal lines between existing notes or spanning a specified duration using the Lines panel. Horizontal lines can be attached to noteheads, barlines, or rhythmic positions, and can have different attachment types at their start and end.

You can also input barline-/rhythmic position-attached lines that apply to all staves.

  • You cannot change the attachment type of horizontal lines after they have been input.

  • If you want to input notehead-attached horizontal lines to represent glissandi, you can instead input glissando lines directly.

  • These steps describe inputting with the default mouse input preference Create item at selection.


  1. In Write mode, select one of the following:
    • If you want to input a notehead-attached line, select the notes you want to join with a line.

    • If you want to input a barline-/rhythmic position-attached line, select items that span the required duration of the line.

    • If you want to input a horizontal line that is attached to noteheads at one end but barlines/rhythmic positions at the other end, select the required note and any item at the required rhythmic position of the other end.


    You can input horizontal lines on multiple selected staves simultaneously. However, notehead-attached lines can only join notes belonging to the same player, although they can be in different voices and on different staves.

  2. In the Notations toolbox, click Panels , then Lines to show the Lines panel.
  3. In the Horizontal section, choose one of the following options for both Start and End:
    • Attach to notehead

    • Attach to barline (where available)

    • Attach to rhythmic position

  4. Input a line with the specified attachments in one of the following ways:
    • To input a notehead-attached line or barline-/rhythmic position-attached line on the selected staves only, click it in the Horizontal section.

    • To input a barline-/rhythmic position-attached line that applies to all staves, Alt/Opt-click it in the Horizontal section.


A horizontal line with the specified attachments is input. They are positioned according to their attachment types and their rhythmic positions.

Barline-/Rhythmic position-attached lines span the duration of either only notes or any items on each selected staff, according to your item input position setting.

Horizontal lines that apply to all staves are categorized as system objects. Therefore, they follow your per-layout settings for the visibility and positioning of system objects.

After Completing This Task

  • You can change the placement and staff position of barline-/rhythmic position-attached lines.

  • You can add text to lines.