Selecting more items of the same type

You can incrementally extend your current selection to more items of the same type and notes in the same voices, which is particularly helpful if you want to select multiple different items at once, such as dynamics and lyrics.


  1. Select the notes and items you want to select more of. You can do this in Write mode and Engrave mode.

    You can select notes and items on multiple staves and in specific voices; for example, if you only want to select notes in up-stem voices on four staves.

  2. Press Ctrl/Cmd-Shift-A to expand your selection.
  3. Optional: Continue pressing Ctrl/Cmd-Shift-A to extend your selection further.


More of the same types of items and notes in the same voices as your original selection are selected, with the range of selected items expanding each time you press the key command: firstly to the boundaries of the bar, secondly to the boundaries of the system, and finally to the rest of the flow. If there are no other items available in the bar, Dorico Elements automatically advances to the second expansion. In galley view, the second expansion is to the entire flow directly as there is only a single system in galley view.

For items that span multiple bars and systems, they are selected in the earliest bar/system in which they exist.


Dorico Elements selects the following items differently if you select only a single one of them:

  • Lyrics: The selection expands only to other lyrics with the same line number, placement, and line type as the originally selected lyric.

  • Dynamics: The first expansion is to all other dynamics in the same group and on the same staves as the original selection, with further expansions selecting other dynamics in other groups.

  • Playing techniques: The selection expands only to playing techniques of the same category, such as Strings or Choral. Additionally, if you select either an up bow or down bow playing technique, the selection expands only to other up bow and down bow playing techniques. It does not select any other playing techniques.