Status bar

The status bar at the bottom of the project window allows you to choose different views and page arrangements for the music area.


Not all options in the status bar are available in all modes.

Status bar in Write mode with elements labelled
Figure 1. Status bar in Write mode
  1. Rhythmic Grid selector

    Allows you to change the rhythmic grid resolution, which affects certain aspects of inputting and editing, such as the amount by which items move.

  2. Status display

    Displays information about the current layout and selection, divided in up to three sections, which are, from left to right:

    • Transposition of the current layout

    • The bar/range of bars of the current selection

    • Summary of the selection; for example, the pitch and voice of a single selected note, or the implied chord of multiple selected notes

  3. Disclosure arrow

    Allows you to show/hide the lower zone in Setup, Write, and Engrave modes.

  4. Selection tools

    Allow you to switch between using the Marquee Tool and the Hand Tool in Write mode and Engrave mode.

  5. View type selector

    Allows you to select one of the provided view types for the music area in Setup and Write mode.

  6. Page arrangement options

    Allow you to choose between different horizontal and vertical arrangements of either individual pages or pairs of pages, which are called spreads.

  7. Zoom options

    Allow you to change the zoom factor of the music area and its musical contents. There are preset zoom levels but you can also use a custom zoom level.

  8. MIDI activity indicator/Audio engine connection warning

    Indicates that there might be MIDI or audio problems that require your attention.

    • A brief green light indicates that Dorico Elements is receiving MIDI input from a connected device. If the green light is persistent, a connected MIDI device is sending lots of data, which can cause problems.

    • A warning icon indicates that Dorico Elements is unable to send MIDI events to the audio engine; for example, if no device is chosen or the sample rate is wrong. You can click the warning icon to open the Device Setup dialog, where you can fix the problem in most cases.