Adding instruments to players

You can add instruments to both single and section players. Single players can hold multiple instruments, while section players can only hold one instrument.


You have added at least one player.


  1. In Setup mode, in the Players panel, select the player to which you want to add instruments.
    • You can only add instruments to one player at a time.

    • You cannot add instruments to section players who are already holding one instrument.

  2. Open the instrument picker in any of the following ways:
    • Press Shift-I.

    • Click the plus symbol in the player card.

  3. Select the instrument you want in the instrument picker.
  4. Press Return to add the selected instrument.


The selected instrument is added to the selected player. Dorico Elements automatically loads sounds for the instrument according to the current playback template.

  • Before you have input any notes, only the first instrument held by single players is shown in full scores in page view. All instrument staves are shown in galley view, so we recommend switching to galley view to input notes for any other instruments held by single players; for example, to create instrument changes.

  • If you want to add multiple players to your project at the same time, you can add ensembles or use a project template.