Ensemble picker

The ensemble picker allows you to find and add ensembles containing multiple players to your project. You can select existing ensembles and build new ones.

The ensemble picker uses the application language.

You can open the ensemble picker in Setup mode in any of the following ways:

  • Press Shift-E.

  • In the Players panel, click Add Ensemble .

  • In empty projects, click Add Ensemble in the project start area.

The ensemble picker contains Build and Choose tabs. You can switch between them using the options in the top left of the ensemble picker.

Build tab

Build tab in the ensemble picker

The Build tab contains the following:

  1. Search field

    Allows you to specify the instruments you want to include in the ensemble in the following ways:

    • Enter the name of an existing ensemble, such as String Section.

    • Enter the names or abbreviations of instruments, with each name/abbreviation separated by a comma. You can prefix instruments with a number followed by a space. For example, enter 2 vln, 3 cl,bsn,tuba,marim to build an ensemble containing two violins, three clarinets, a bassoon, a tuba, and a marimba.

    • Enter the corresponding orchestral shorthand, with or without separators. For example, enter 2picc.2.2.2 / to add two flutes, one piccolo, two oboes, two clarinets, and two bassoons followed by four horns, three trumpets, three trombones, and one tuba.

      To specify only brass instruments, prefix orchestral shorthand entries with br, such as br4331.


      You can only use single digit numbers for each instrument type.

  2. Player list

    Contains the instruments currently in the ensemble based on your entries in the Search field.

    By default, instruments are held by single players. You can change the player type by double-clicking players in the list. Icons show the current player type from the following options:

    • Single player

    • Section player

  3. Save

    Opens the Save Custom Ensemble dialog, which allows you to name and save your ensemble for reuse in future projects.

  4. Add

    Adds the players in the custom ensemble to the project.

Choose tab

Choose tab in the ensemble picker

The Choose tab contains the following:

  1. Search field

    Allows you to enter the ensemble you are searching for directly.

  2. Ensemble category column

    Contains ensemble categories to help you focus your ensemble search.

  3. Ensemble column

    Contains the ensembles available in the selected instrument family.

  4. Ensemble contents column

    Displays the instruments included in the selected ensemble.

  5. Add

    Adds the players in the selected ensemble to the project.