Playing back music

You can listen to the music you have written from the beginning of your project or from a specific point. You can use playback key commands in any mode.


  • You have applied a playback template to the project that includes sounds for the instruments in your project.

  • If you want to use different sounds for different voices, you have enabled independent voice playback for those instruments.


  1. Start playback in one of the following ways:
    • To play back from the earliest selected item, make a selection, then either press P, click Play From Selection in the Transport window, or choose Play > Play From Selection.

      • To play back all instruments, select a single note.

      • To play back only a single staff, select multiple items on the staff.

      • To play back multiple staves, select items on multiple staves.

      This does not affect which channels are soloed or muted in the Mixer.

    • To continue playback from the playhead position, either press Space or Enter, click Play in the mini transport, click Play From Playhead Position in the Transport window, or choose Play > Play From Playhead Position.

    • To play back from the last playback start position, press Shift-Space or choose Play > Play From Last Start Position. This works even if you have since deselected the item at that position.

    • To play back from the start of the flow, press Shift-Alt/Opt-Space or choose Play > Play From Start of Flow.

    • To play back from the start of the project, choose Play > Play From Start of Project.

  2. Optional: Move the playhead during playback to later/earlier positions.
  3. Optional: To enable/disable the metronome click, click Click in the Transport window or mini transport.

    You can assign a key command for Enable Click on the Key Commands page in Preferences.

  4. Stop playback in any of the following ways:
    • Press Space or Enter or P.

    • Press Num 0 (0 on a numeric keypad).

    • In the mini transport, click Stop .

    • In the Transport window, click Stop .


    If you notice a change in sound when stopping playback, you can deactivate Reset controllers and send ‘all notes off’ when stopping playback on the Play page in Preferences.