Deleting bars/beats with the system track

You can delete whole bars and selected beats from your project completely using the system track.


The system track is shown.


  1. In the system track in Write mode, select the region that you want to delete.
  2. Click Delete in the system track. It can also appear above the system track if your selection is narrow.
    Figure 1. Delete button in the system track
    Figure 2. The system track changes color when you hover over the Delete button.


The selected region is deleted. Just as when Insert mode is activated, music to the right of the selection moves up to fill in the gap.

  • Any signposts in the selection are also deleted.

  • Deleting some, but not all, beats from bars according to the prevailing time signature deletes the contents of those beats only. If you want to shorten a bar’s duration, such as at the end of flows that start with a pick-up bar, you must instead either input a time signature with the required number of beats then hide the time signature, or input a barline and delete any excess bars if necessary. You can also use the Global Adjustment of Current Bar Insert mode scope and delete notes/rests.