Tab bar

The tab bar in Dorico Elements allows you to display different layouts within the same project window. It is located between the toolbar and the music area.


If you cannot see the tab bar, click Show Tabs in the toolbar. If Show Tabs is activated, the tab bar is always displayed, even if only a single tab is open.

The tab bar contains the following:

  1. Tabs

    All tabs currently open are displayed, with their position from left to right reflecting the order in which you opened them. Each tab is labeled with the name of the selected layout. The tab currently in view in the music area is highlighted.

    When you hover over an individual tab, an x appears that allows you to close the tab.

  2. New Tab

    Allows you to open a new tab. Tabs can contain a different layout, or an additional view of a layout that is already open in another tab or window.