Moving notes in the event display

You can move notes rhythmically within the event display. This also affects how the selected notes are notated in any relevant score and part layouts.


  • Notated Durations is selected in the Play toolbox.

  • Object Selection is selected in the Play toolbox.


  1. Optional: If you want to move notes belonging to pitched instruments, expand those instrument tracks.

    You can move notes belonging to unpitched percussion instruments without expanding their instrument tracks.

  2. In the piano roll/drum editor, select the notes you want to move rhythmically.

    When instrument tracks have independent voice playback enabled, only notes in the currently selected voice appear in the piano roll editor. Selecting All voices from the Voices menu in the track header shows all notes belonging to the corresponding instrument.

  3. Move the selected notes according to the current rhythmic grid resolution in any of the following ways:
    • Press Alt/Opt-Right Arrow to move them to the right.

    • Press Alt/Opt-Left Arrow to move them to the left.

    • Click and drag them to the right/left.


The selected notes are moved to new rhythmic positions. If you selected multiple notes, they are moved together as a block.


When using the keyboard, you can both transpose and move notes in the piano roll editor in the same action. When using the mouse, you must release the mouse between transposing and moving.