Drum editor

The drum editor displays MIDI notes for unpitched percussion instruments in a continuous sequence. The drum editor appears different to the piano roll editor and has different functionality.

Instead of showing the piano roll view as used in the piano roll editor, in the drum editor the onset of each note on each percussion instrument is shown. Each note is shown as an event of the same size, unlike note events in the piano roll, whose width reflects the duration of the notes.

Figure 1. Drum editor

Each unpitched percussion instrument has its own instrument track, including when they are in a percussion kit. You can expand unpitched percussion instrument tracks like other instrument tracks if you want to make changes, such as assigning the instrument to another playback endpoint.


If you change the endpoint for an unpitched percussion instrument, that endpoint must have an appropriate percussion map chosen, otherwise Dorico Elements does not know how to play the music for that instrument.

You can move notes in the drum editor to new rhythmic positions. Unpitched percussion instruments only have one vertical position for their notes, so you cannot transpose notes in the drum editor.