Lengthening/Shortening slurs

You can change the length of slurs rhythmically after they have been input.


You can only lengthen/shorten cross-staff slurs to notes on the same staff as the corresponding endpoint, and you can only lengthen/shorten cross-voice slurs to notes in the same voice as the corresponding endpoint.


  1. In Write mode, select the slurs you want to lengthen/shorten.

    When using the mouse, you can only lengthen/shorten one slur at a time.

  2. Lengthen/Shorten the slurs in any of the following ways:
    • Press Shift-Alt/Opt-Right Arrow to lengthen the slur to the next notehead.

    • Press Shift-Alt/Opt-Left Arrow to shorten the slur to the previous notehead.


      Key commands lengthen/shorten items by moving their end only. You can move the start of slurs by moving the whole slur, or by clicking and dragging the start handle.

    • Click and drag the start/end of the slur to the next/previous notehead.


The selected slurs are lengthened/shortened.