Gradual dynamics

Gradual dynamics indicate a change in volume that happens incrementally over the specified duration. They usually appear either as hairpins or as text instructions, such as cresc. or dim..

A pair of hairpins without an immediate dynamic in the middle is known as a messa di voce.

In Dorico Elements, gradual dynamics appear as hairpins by default. You can change the appearance of individual gradual dynamics. For example, if you want to show a particularly long crescendo using cresc. text rather than a hairpin.

You can show gradual dynamic text in the following ways:

  • cresc. or dim.: Abbreviated text with no continuation line

  • cresc... or dim...: Abbreviated text with a dotted continuation line

  • cre-scen-do or di-mi-nuen-do: The full word spread out across the duration of the gradual dynamic