Bar number changes

Bar numbers follow a continuous sequence, with each bar having a unique bar number that continues from the previous bar number. However, you can make manual changes to the bar number sequence, including changing to a subordinate sequence.

In Dorico Elements, you can make the following types of changes to bar number sequences using the Insert Bar Number Change dialog:


Adds a change to the main bar number sequence, which the bars in your project follow in a continuous sequence in each flow separately by default.


Adds a secondary bar number sequence that uses letters rather than numbers to indicate the sequence. This can be useful in situations where a new version of a piece has been created with more bars inserted, but the original bar numbers are required.

Don’t Include

Excludes the selected bar from the current bar number sequence. If bar numbers are shown every bar, no bar number is shown in bars in which you have chosen Don’t Include.

Continue Primary

Returns the bar number sequence to the Primary sequence without counting intervening bars, for example, after a section of bars following the Subordinate bar number sequence.