Text objects vs. text in text frames

Text in Dorico Elements can exist as a text object, added to individual staves or as system text, and in text frames, which are fixed to the page rather than the music.

As you cannot see or edit frames in Dorico Elements, both types of text look very similar. You can tell the difference between text objects and text in text frames by clicking them once: if the text appears highlighted with an attachment line to a staff, it is a text/system text object. If the text does not appear highlighted or has no attachment line, it is in a text frame.

You can edit both types of text in the same ways, but you can only use text tokens in text frames. You cannot use tokens in text added to staves/systems.


The project title, page numbers, and running headers that are automatically shown in layouts are in text frames. Their contents and formatting come from master pages, which you cannot edit or create in Dorico Elements. Editing text frames in layouts is considered a master page override. Pages with master page overrides are not automatically deleted, even if they are empty because the layout became shorter.

If you want to change the information shown at the tops of pages, we recommend that you do so in the Project Info dialog to avoid master page overrides. The big title at the top of the first page is the project title, and the running header on subsequent pages uses the flow title for the top flow on that page.